From the Carpet, Seats, Bimini Tops, and Boat Covers; we can repair single items, multiple items or the whole interior. We have many color samples to choose from, and most are in stock. If you need a patch on your cover just drop it off and we will take care of you. Seams coming apart on your Shore Station cover? We can re-sew it and give you a few more years out of your investment.

Boat Covers:

Our covers are meant for year round use! Our pole height is higher than what other shops would normally use, because we find it helps having a larger peak for the snow to slide off of. No need for additional tarp protection, which can cause friction, affecting the integrity of the cover fabric and create holes. We also recommend you pick a light color to keep the inside of your boat cool. 

Aqualon Edge‘s dimensional stability remains the key to its popularity. Designed to withstand sagging and wind conditions, this fabric resists stretching or shrinking and creates a perfect fit. The topside is double coated with pigmented vinyl resin, which makes Aqualon highly resistant to water penetration. It is extremely strong, highly abrasion and mildew resistant and lightweight. We recommend you use vent supports as this fabric does not breath and will hold moisture in. The vent support goes over your pole and holds it in firmly to your cover.

Probably the most well known acrylic fabric on the market. Sunbrella is “water resistant”. Which means it is not water proof. Sunbrella can be treated with a protectant called 303 Fabric Guard which is designed to last several years.  In the Wisconsin area you can expect to get 15-20 years out of your cover, when operated and cared for properly.

Cleaning Tips: