Dan Frank Upholstery

Americans spend an average of 540 hours in their car a year. All of that time in your car getting in and out puts wear and tear on your seats. We are here to repair any problems you may have with your car interior. We are able to do the seats convertible tops, headliners, and full on restorations.

Seats that are torn, ripped, cracked and burned can be repaired. Just the pieces that are bad in your seat only need to be replaced, saving you money compared to buying a whole new seat cover from the factory. In our trade we use the Detroit book to match up the material in your seat and can get the exact same material in most situations. If it’s not in the book we have a large selection of materials in stock that we can get the second best match.

We also offer Leather seat kits from LeatherSeats.com and Alea Leather. Both companies provide a warranty for 3 years, and are certified for use with in-seat airbags. For a more contemporary look we usually recommend Leather seats, if you want a more exotic look we recommend Alea. We have samples from both companies so you can see the actual colors to match the rest of the interior colors. If you order leatherseats.com from us we will match their online store price.

We use Electron tops. They fit good and the material and colors are the same you would get from the factory. Wether you need a whole top or just the rear window your car will be back to a leak free state after we install one for you.
The warranty for convertible tops, made out of American vinyl materials carry a 72 month warranty when installed on power operated frames and 24 months on manually operated frames.  Tops with built-in glass or vinyl back windows or tops made in Stayfast, Topline, or Sonnenland materials carry a 24 month warranty on both frames.  Electron warrantees their tops not to delaminate or shrink excessively for the warranted period.  All materials eventually fade, therefore,  they make no specific claim against fading. Glass Rear Window Assemblies are also warranted against separation of material from the glass for 24 months.